Raspberry Pi as HDMI-CEC to IR Bridge

The Problem:

I recently got an IP-TV subscription and the set-top box delivered by my provider does not support HDMI-CEC. The remote control included in the package has limited “smart” functionality – as in, it can be configured to somewhat control your TV – but that’s far from ideal, or functional if your set-up consists of anything more than a TV. In my case the set-up is not that much more complex. It consists of a TV, an AVR receiver and an OpenELEC media player. With the help of a Pulse Eight USB – CEC Adapter, I’ve been able to happily control them all from my TV remote over HDMI-CEC.

Too many remotes
Too many remotes

The new addition to the group was causing me a bunch of headaches. Not only did I need the set-top box remote to change channels, but I also needed the AVR remote to select the correct input. Using a second HDMI input on the TV could solve that problem but the ARC channel from the TV to the receiver is not pass-through. My Samsung TV seems to pre-process audio to either PCM or DTS NEO 2:5.

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